Terrace Location

Terrace head office

Northwest Training Ltd.

201-4622 Greig Avenue
Terrace BC V8G 1M9

Phone (250) 638-8108
Toll free: 1-877-638-8108† Fax: (250) 638-7212


Our head offices are located in downtown Terrace. The employment centre located next door to our main offices offers a modern computer lab and phone/fax access as well as an extensive job board.

Welcome to Terrace, the hub city of B.C.’s†Northwest region…

where spectacular scenery, a host of activities and approximately 20,000 citizens eager to share their hospitality and wonderful history await you. This small city, situated along the mighty Skeena River, is nestled amongst nearby snowcapped mountains, unique wildlife and fauna, First Nations culture and a host of activities all year round.

Located in the heart of Northwest BC, Terrace is at the center of a region that offers residents and visitors an incredible array of experiences unmatched anywhere else. Besides the endless skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, backcountry hiking and wildlife viewing, Terrace offers modern recreational facilities, dedicated volunteer organizations and services, community programs and special events or activities you won’t want to miss.

Being in the center of this beautiful growing region gives Terrace the leading edge for economic development (the proximity of two major ports), at the crossroad of three major highways and offering unlimited land space for upcoming commercial developments are all excellent potential factors for major growth.

The uniqueness of the surrounding areas, including its famous Kermodei Bear, pristine glacier-fed rivers, lakes and streams filled with pacific salmon and a variety of other wildlife attract visitors from all over the world. They stay in Terrace and enjoy the hospitality of its residents, its many community events, its history and heritage and above all its friendly laid-back atmosphere.

Kermodei Spirit Bear Red fish and white bears distinctively brand the small city of Terrace. Our pristine rivers and streams attract returning salmon from the pacific to spawn each year. This in turn attracts a variety of wildlife, including our treasured Kermodei bear. This beautiful animal who is not a polar bear but a white colored black bear, is found only in Northwest BC. The city has adopted the Kermodei bear as its mascot and if you’re lucky you’ll see one while visiting the area.

The Kermodei bear, (Ursus Americanus Kermodei, named after Dr. Francis Kermodei) ranges in colour from dusty white to reddish orange. A sub-species of the black bear, the Kermodei’s colouring is the result of a recessive gene; this means black females can have white cubs and vise versa…just like human parents with brown eyes can have children with blue eyes. If you see a Kermodei¬† bear or any other wildlife while visiting this area, please remember- it is a wild animal and should be treated with respect and distance. Then count yourself among the fortunate few to have seen one.

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